We are an outfit dedicated to ensuring the best practices in Human Capital Management..Image , Talent and counsel is a young and Innovative Management / Human Resources firm, which is focused on offering personalized services to organizations across a diverse range of sectors. The Image, Talent and Counsel Philosophy involves a deep understanding of the client’s organizational culture, strategic objectives and needs to ensure that a tailor –made solution is proffered.

Our team is supported by robust internal management processes, an access to continually update skills through our training programmes and a state-of-the-art IT system, giving our consultants immediate access to an extensive network of templates and executives.
We have proffered services to other firms such as Goldsmiths solicitors, United Kingdom,where we totally furnished their HR department with all necessary policies alongside recruitment of new staff. We have also worked with Fransimo Lake and resort in Bayelsa training about 50 staff on customer service excellence. We also partner with Discovery Cycle Professionals, a global network of experienced academics and consultants assembled to provide world-class knowledge based services globally. We also re-mapped the entire Human Resources department of Certified Systems Limited by drawing up their Human resource policy, engaging staff for better synergy between management and staff, recruitment of more employees; We set up the HR department of Vidooc Laundry Services and we are still on retainer-ship for these organisations